A new local health documentary is screening soon on TV3: 9.30pm, 13th August


PRN Films has another documentary coming out. It’s going to be on TV3 at 930pm on Thursday 13th August. This is an official begging email; please post, link, forward, facebook and share this with everyone you know who might be interested. The more people know about the film and watch it, record it, stream it or download it, the higher it’ll rate and the more people will know what is happening to our healthcare system and greater the chance we’ll get to do more documentaries like this one.

To see clips from the film go to: www.facebook.com/PRNfilms

PRN spent a year filming with the staff and patients of Oamaru Hospital – a small 30 bed hospital in rural New Zealand. At the time its funding was – and still is – under threat: the DHB is proposing cutting half a million dollars from the hospital’s budget.

What drives these people is their desire to help others, and save lives… it is a story that will resonate with everybody and every small town in New Zealand.

“This was one of those films that was simply an honour to make. To see the doctors and nurses going above and beyond the call of duty to help even the most frustrating of patients, and to do it with good grace and good humour was very special” Paul Trotman & Malcolm Hall, Directors

To link to clips use: www.vimeo.com/134377772www.vimeo.com/134376866 and www.vimeo.com/134376865

To download the film after broadcast go towww.vimeo.com/prnfilms/vod_pages

Paul Trotman
PRN Films

To see PRN’s short films: http://vimeopro.com/prnfilms/short-medical-films
To see PRN’s documentaries: https://vimeo.com/prnfilms/vod_pages

Visit PRN’s facebook page at  www.facebook.com/PRNfilms


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