NZ Formulary for children #pharmacy #medicines

The New Zealand Formulary for Children was launched today.

“The NZF for Children is a resource that is available free of charge for all healthcare professionals prescribing, dispensing and administering medicines across community and hospital care. The NZF for Children addresses the need for general purpose, point-of-care information about the use of medicines in New Zealand. It aids decision making and contributes to best practice through standardised and evidence-based information about medicines. Over time the NZF for Children will be fully integrated into the e-health environment, including prescribing and dispensing systems across primary and secondary care. …

Initially, the NZF for Children will cover information such as:

  • Medicine indications, dosage, cautions, contra-indications, adverse effects, warnings, approval status, patient advice and cautionary and advisory labelling
  • The use of medicines in renal and hepatic impairment, pregnancy, lactation and sport
  • Subsidy information
  • Medicine interactions
  • Concise disease management advice
  • Adverse event reporting”

For more about the NZFC, read:




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