Want to print webpages and achieve something that is well laid out and easy to read? Try www.printfriendly.com #OULibrary

Often when you want to print off a webpage it ends badly. Web pages often don’t print well and you can be left with a lot of wasted paper and less money on your copying card. I’ve just come across a website called PrintFriendly that will create a print friendly version (or a PDF) of a webpage.

I’ve just used PrintFriendly to convert an academic article into a PDF and it worked really well. The journal in question is Open Access, but only makes it’s articles available in HTML or XML, which don’t print off well. I’d have to pay for the PDF if our Library doesn’t subscribe to the title (and in this case it doesn’t). A really useful feature is that any hyperlinks are maintained and live within the PDF so you can still link out.

Here’s a short video about how Print Friendly works. Do check it out, it’s a tool I think I will use quite often.



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