Ovid databases now include a multimedia search

Ovid has now introduced multimedia functionality to the OvidSP platform. Videos and images from a range of LWW journals and books are now available for searching together with your Ovid databases, and browsing by subject.


Multimedia content is included in searches of any of your Ovid databases. The number of Multimedia results retrieved from your search will be displayed in the search history. The top two multimedia results will appear at the top of the results display. You can limit the results display to exclusively multimedia content by clicking on the Multimedia link in the results tools, or the ‘See more multimedia results’ link:



After clicking on the Multimedia tab in the OvidSP Navigation Bar, you will be taken to a list of all videos which can be filtered by subject:


Please note that all Multimedia content will appear in the Multimedia tab and results display, however your users will only be able to view content from your subscribed journals and books. A future Multimedia release will allow you to filter the display to show only Multimedia content from your subscribed titles.

Support and Training :

The following support and training resources have been prepared to help your users find relevant multimedia content.

  • The OvidSP quick reference guides have been updated to include multimedia functionality:




You can access our Ovid databases from the Library website under Article Databases – choose Ovid from the list of Popular Databases, or look for the specific database you need from the alphabetical list.


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