Medicinal Advertising / April 2013

F. Wilkinson, Dunedin ChemistAn overview of medicinal advertisingModern treatmentsOld remediesTabloid was the registered trademark of Burroughs Wellcome & Co., established in 1880, in London.Examples of medicines and advertising

This display has been developed to help celebrate the School of Pharmacy’s 50th Jubilee. The Health Sciences Library enjoys strong ties with the department and supports the academic staff and students though their teaching, learning and research activities. Developing this display together has been a combined effort between the School and the Library, and has drawn on a variety of sources:  objects and books from the School of Pharmacy, hardcopy material from the University Library collections and online resources such as Hocken Snapshop, Papers Past and the Wellcome Image Library.

Of particular interest in the cabinets are the Tabloid medicines, medicines both historic and contemporary for treating coughs and colds, asthma and hay fever, as well as an interesting collection of medicines and remedies from Caversham pharmacist, Frank Wilkinson, from early last century.

I would like to acknowledge the support of my colleagues both in Pharmacy and here in the Medical Library, particularly: Dr Susan Heydon, Mr James Windle and Mrs Christine Wither.


As part of the celebrations a book was researched and written about the development of the school. Pharmacy at Otago : the first 50 years : the school, the profession and the people / Susan Heydon and Stephen Duffull.

Pharmacy at Otago

Further references:

From Apprentice to Graduate: 50 years of pharmacy education at the University of Otago, 1963-2013. Online exhibition OUR Heritage collection

Celebrating 50 years of Pharmacy / Otago Bulletin

2013 already set to be a ‘golden’ year / Pharmacy Today

Pharmacy schools’ first head reminisces / ODT

Otago Pharmacy School 50th Jubilee offers trip down memory lane / Pharmacy Today


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