Practicing Medicine

Get your diary out – on 23 Aug, 9.30pm “Practicing Medicine” screens (sequel to “Donated to Science”) on TV3.

PM promo TV3 from PRN Films on Vimeo.


In 2009 we made the award winning film called ‘Donated to Science’. It told the story of a group of medical students and the cadavers they dissected, it gave a surprisingly intimate, heartwarming and even occasionally funny insight in to the journey followed by people who donate their bodies to the medical school for dissection, and the effect it has on them, their families and the students who dissect them.

“excellent and moving” NZ Listener

“extraordinarily profound”  Jane Bowron, Dominion Post


We were so taken with the students in the film; their honesty, their openness and their humanity that we decided to continue to follow them until they became doctors.

The students spend the second half of their time at medical school attached to wards, clinics and general practices around the country.  There they learn the clinical and professional skills they need to become good and safe doctors.

But that’s not all that happens.  They see and experience things every day that the rest of us never see, or only see once in a lifetime, things that enable them to grow as people, and as professionals.

We see their first faltering steps as they learn the basic skills they need to examine a patient… how to use a stethoscope, how to feel the tummy, and how to take blood. We’ll see them struggle with boundaries and personal space as they meet their first real patients.

As they master those basic skills they gradually begin to find their place as part of the medical team… and a whole new set of challenges arise… how to interact with other staff in the hospital, how to cope with grumpy and demanding specialists and desperately ill patients, how to cram 12 hours of work into an 8 hour day and still have time to study for exams.

We’ll follow them into the Operating Theatre, the Emergency Department and the Delivery Suite as they experience the wonder of surgery, the drama of major trauma and the joys (and stresses) of childbirth. We’ll go out with them to experience medicine at its most intimate and personal in General Practice and in the Hospice.

It’s a long journey, but it’s an amazing journey as every one of the students has their own mountain to climb or river to cross as they grow into the role of doctors and move from simply practising medicine to actually Practising Medicine.

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