During the extended opening hours from 7am – 8:30am and also from 9pm – 11pm the library will be offering services as a Study Hall only.   This means that the Library will be open, staff and students are able to use the Library and the Reserve Collection will become Open Reserve during those times.




What is Open Reserve? 

Well, funnily enough it means that the Reserve Collection is open … in that anyone will be able to go behind the desk and use the books they want.

 What’s the catch?

Think of it a bit like trying to take a biscuit from a narrow-necked biscuit jar … you can get your hand in there and pick up the biscuit, but in order to get your hand out you have to let go of the biscuit!  You can get into the Reserve area and use the books there, but Reserve books are not able to be taken out from behind the desk.

There will be study tables that can be used and a photocopier / scanner available so that you can make full use of the books.

 Can I take out Reserve books when the Library is in Study Hall mode?

NO – books cannot be taken out during Study Hall mode, but you can take them home in the last hour that the Library has library staff present (e.g. 8pm-9pm).  Any Reserve books issued at night will be due back at 8:30am the next day Monday-Friday, 10am on Saturday/Sunday.




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